Who we are

The Evermal Group is a well established manufacturer and trader of flexible packaging materials, with a history of over 20 years. Today, the Evermal Group manufactures its products at its modern production facilities in Johor, Malaysia.

The group’s core activities include:

  The manufacturing of plastic carrier and shopping bags.

  The manufacturing of plastic stretch film, packaging film and   strapping band.

  The trading of flexible packaging materials.


GMV Packaging is an established 20 year- old Singapore based trader and distributor of a wide range of flexible plastic packaging materials. From its strategic location in the free port city at Singapore, GMV is able to source its products from the region’s most reliable manufacturers and export it to all the 6 continents of the world. GMV trades in nearly all flexible plastic packaging materials, however GMV’s core products comprise of:

- Printed/ Unprinted bags on roll. Printed/ Unprinted HDPE/ LLDPE shopping bags                                 

- Printed/ Unprinted LLDPE fashion bags                                                                                           

- LLDPE stretch/ shrink films- Garbage and laundry bags, glue spot bags

- Candy striped bags, kidney punch- out bags

GMV is able to provide its plastic packaging products in a wide variety of dispensers or packages.

Our Group Vision
To be a leading manufacturer and provider of plastic packaging materials, we aim to achieve our vision through the continuous focus on R&D for the improvement and development of the products and manufacturing process and the regular modernization of our production facilities.

Evermal’s goal remains the same which is to provide our customer with the best possible service in order to meet your tomorrow’s needs today.