Evermal’s products are today exported to every continent in the world with Europe,   Australia and the Asia Pacific region being our major markets. We are manufcatured   for three main packaging products consists of ;

  1) Blown Film   2) Cast Stretch Film   3) PP Strapping Band

Polyethylene Plastic Bags

Evermal Industry’s production facility is capable of producing a wide range of polyethylene plastic bags and other flexible plastic packaging materials. However we are particularly strong in the following products:

- Printed HHDPE carrier and shopping bags (2 to 6 colors)

- Printed LLDPE carrier and shopping bags (2 to 6 colors)

- Printed LLDPE fashion bags

- Glue spot bags


  LLDPE Stretch Film - click to see Product Range

The Evermal LLDPE stretch film is 100% recyclable and developed for a myriad of industrial packaging purposes. Our stretch film is manufactured using fully auto- mated, computer controlled, advanced American machinery with the highest quality resins. It is transparent, self adhesive and has an excellent tensile and pierce breaking strength. The Evermal stretch film is also resistant to moisture and dust, and it is easy to use, thus improving your productivity and efficiency.

  Fully Auto PP Strapping Band - click to see Product RangeS - PP.jpg
PP strapping is made from a polypropylene resin and colored with pigment additives. The resin is processed through heating, stretching and moulding into tapes ranging in width from 9mm to 19mm. The tape is then embossed on its surface for packaging applicators. Our PP strapping is manufactured using Japanese equipment and technology; and coupled with stringent Japanese quality control systems ensures that our product meet all our customers’ requirement.
Product Features:

Exceptional tensile strength and bonding                                                             

Excellent straightness resulting in no banding error

Suitable for all types of fully auto- banding machines

Reduces packaging costs with additional length per roll

Water resistance with no deterioration of strapping band performance